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Bar Menu

— Happy Hour —

Tue-Fri 3 – 6 pm + Tues-Sat 9 pm – close

$1.00 off ALL tacos
B.O.G.O. House ‘Ritas and ALL Sangrias
$2.00 off ALL beers and Wines by the Glass

Signature Cocktails

The Freshest Margarita – Milagro Blanco, fresh lime juice, agave nectar and a salted rim $9

Strawberry Mint Margarita – Silver tequila, fresh strawberry, fresh mint, fresh lime, and a sugared rim $9

Club Margarita – Milagro Reposado, Grand Marnier, lime juice, and a sugared rim $10

Seasonal Margarita – Silver tequila, seasonal fruit, lime juice, and a sugared rim $9

Spicy Paloma – Classic Paloma with a kick of Ancho Spice, Milagro Blanco, Ancho Chile Verde, Fresh Citrus, and San Pelligrino Grapefruit $9

Cucumber Mint Crush – A refreshing, cucumber cocktail with Hendricks Gin, cucumber, a hint of mint and fresh citrus $9

Seasonal Mojito – Seasonally picked fruit, Bacardi Silver, a touch of sparkling, fresh mint and lime juice $9

Icelandic Mule – Your favorite classic Vodka drink, made with with cleanest Vodka from the Springs of Iceland, Reyka Vodka, fresh citrus, ginger beer and Mint; served in a copper mug $9

Monkey Business – A delicious Whiskey Sour with a kick of cinnamon and spice, Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, Ancho Chile Reyes, Lemon Juice, Cinnnamon and Angostura Bitters $9

Sunora Colada – Sunora Bacanora, Coconut Cream, Pineapple Juice and Malibu Coconut Rum $9


The Club Red Sangria – Merlot, Peach Schnapps, Brandy, Sprite,
Orange Juice, Fresh-cut Local Berries, Oranges & Limes, Sugar. Dear Barcelona, Wish you were here! $8

House Red Sangria – Merlot, Orange Juice, Triple Sec, Brandy, Sprite, Fresh-cut Apples, Limes & Oranges, Sugar. Sweet & Sexy as Seville. $8


Hands City Wide APA 16 oz can $7.00
4 Hands Single Speed ABA 12 oz can $5.00
Schlafly Pale Ale 12 oz $4.50
Blue Moon 16 oz can $4.75
Bud Light, 16 oz Aluminum $4.50
Budweiser, 16 oz Aluminum $4.50
Michelob Ultra, 16 oz Aluminum $5.50
Miller Lite 16 oz Alumimum $4.50
Corona Light, 12 oz bottle $5.00
Dos XX, 12 oz bottle $5.00
Dos XX Amber 12 oz bottle $5.00
Modelo Especial 12 oz bottle $5.00

Modelo Negra 12 oz bottle $5.00
O’Fallon 5 Days IPA, 12 oz bottle $4.50
UC Fantasyland IPA 16 oz Can $7.50

UC Urban Dog American Lager 16 oz can $7.00
UC Zwickel 16 oz Can $7.50
Schlafly White Lager 12 oz $4.50
Beck’s Non Alcoholic Beer 12 oz $5.00
Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat 16 oz can $4.50
UC Schnickelfritz 16 oz Can $7.50
Schlafly Oatmeal Stout 12 oz $4.50
Truly (seasonal flavors) 12 oz cans $5.00
Corona Refresca (seasonal flavors)
12 oz cans $5.00


Pinot Grigio $8/g – $30/b
Chardonnay $8/g – $30/b

Pinot Noir $8/g – $30/b
Cabernet Sauvignon $8/g – $30/b

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